Whitewater in Victoria


Whitewater in Victoria

 What to expect at whitewaterÉÉ

 As there is no whitewater in SA, we annually head across to Eildon, Vic, to play in fast water, learn new skills and scare ourselves to death.

 The Blue Gum Caravan Park is on the very edge of the Goulburn River and is a beautiful location, probably even better in the off-season.  The river here is about 50m wide and river level is regulated by the Eildon dam 6km upstream. The water comes from the lower depths of Lake Eildon and is bloody cold!  I guarantee youÕll be upside down at least once so a wetsuit and booties are recommended. (Cash Converters have used wetsuits which you can lop off sleeves and lower legs.)

 The river at the caravan park has low rock walls and cement ÔpumpkinsÕ to create eddies in which we learn our ÔsurfingÕ skills, reading the water, kayak and rope rescues, breaking into and out of eddies and gliding across from one eddy to another on that great smooth cushion of water! This is all done in groups under the watchful eye of one or two club instructors. (Instructors must maintain their accreditation each year by logging whitewater time which is to our membersÕ advantage.)

The more advanced paddlers will eventually head about 200m downstream to play in the ÔsumpÕ.  We will all voluntarily sail through the sump which is exhilarating but itÕs these people who actually manage and maneuver their way across the challenging currents, do cowboy stunts and wow us with their daring. This spot used to be the training grounds for the national whitewater teams before Penrith was constructed. 

 There is plenty for other family members to do at Eildon.  The area is great for bushwalking, mountain biking, fishing, sight-seeing, horse-riding, etc. Plus they, and other campers, can sit on the bank and watch/photograph us during our learning curve.  Usually we spend a few days learning, or refreshing, skills before heading up or downstream on the Goulburn to put all into practice.

 Often, we tackle nearby Big River (which is not big at all), and sometimes trips are planned to the Tambo, Mitchell or Snowy Rivers as our members become more confident.

 We usually camp and BBQ using the facilities at the park.  Close by is a trout farm and for $3.50 is a fresh trout for the barbie.   Eildon is nearby with petrol and groceries.   So for a fun, relaxing, exciting and challenging experience, come join us.