Paddling Information

SOME HINTS & TIPS you will find necessary and useful……

Trip gradings

Trips are graded:

(1) for ‘Novices’
(2) ‘Flatwater’ (a) day trips (b) car camping (c) kayak camping
(3) ‘Intermediate’ (a) day & weekend trips (b) extended trips
(4) Sea Skills
The grading document can be accessed here.
Note that ratios/quotas will apply, depending on the number of Instructors or Guides on a trip.

Communications Signals

Standard signals used by the club are found here or on the link below.
Log Book
The log book can be accessed here. It is provided for those who wish to record their trips, whether for gaining or renewing qualifications, or just for personal interest.


Always check for contact details to confirm meeting times and venues. Bookings for Canoe SA and other training events close the Monday before.
Day paddles for prospective or trial participants are welcome through Canoe SA introductory membership.
Overnight trips are only for club members who have done at least one day paddle with the club.
Canoe hire, for members only, is available through Canoe SA, and commercially from Adventure Kayaking, Adelaide Canoe Works, and Access Canoes.
All coastal and open water events require suitable boats (touring or sea kayaks), with spray decks. Whitewater events require whitewater boats, spray decks, and helmets.
The club PLB, and UHF and VHF radios will normally be carried by their custodians. They may be used by others by arrangement. (VHF requires Marine Radio Operator’s VHF Certificate of Proficiency.)


A wallet sized EMERGENCY CARD should be carried.

It is a smart idea to carry this with you on all ACC events (or everyday usage). It is possible that the team leader may collect these for any necessary reference during an event just as a precaution. One side of this card gives your personal relevant medical information and the reverse is your chosen contact(s) details.
Down load the .pdf link, fill in the live fields on your computer, print it off and then have it laminated (back to back so to appear as one card). A fault is that if you want a hole punched in the corner it will unfortunately allow water/moisture to seep in. Don’t trim the laminate too close and punch the hole in the clear laminated margin only.
Click here for the EMERGENCY CARD .pdf file.


TOWLINES – a modifications to North Water Micro Throw Towline.

A towline is an essential piece of sea kayaking equipment, and a legal requirement in unprotected waters.

 Click here to read Rob’s article:   towline


PACKING YOUR KAYAK  is always a headache the first few times. Here are some facts to help from two very experienced sources.

Rob’s thoughts for overnight trips:   Packing your kayak

Peter’s instruction for sea kayak excursions.:   fitout