Local Kayak Repairers

(July 2018 Ian Brunning)

(1) The Ding King – 9 Chapman Rd, Hackham SA 5163 Phone: 0422 443 789

Bernard has used them in the past for good quality repairs.  They are currently very busy and would be weeks/months, not very keen to do kevlar strips (doesn’t feel they do anything) and suggested look elsewhere.

2) The Fibreglass Company 208 Dyson Road, Lonsdale Phone: 8326 0877

Recommended by Canoe Works but also a few weeks away from being able to take an order (good sign!). Also pointed out they didn’t like Kevlar.

3) Arash – 299 Sturt Road, Sturt Phone: 0469 197 439

Also recommended by Canoe Works, Arash does this on the side from his home workshop after work each day. Quite happy to work with kevlar.  I will update after I’ve had the repairs done (adding kevlar strips to keel of kayak).