Explorers Kayaking Program

Explorers is Adelaide Canoe Club’s offering for Paddle Australia Paddle Oz participation scheme. It is built around short expeditions on interesting waters and includes skill development to suit the craft being used and discussion of the trip environments. Trips will be limited to six participants at a time.


To be eligible for Explorers particpants must:

  • be aged between 10 and 14
  • Hold current Paddle SA membership
  • Be a competent paddler
  • Be able to operate independently and as a member of a group


All Leaders and Volunteers will hold DCSI clearance. All trips will be led by at least two leaders. The leader in charge will hold appropriate PA Instructor or Guide qualifications, others may be Community Coaches from other clubs or people training for an Instructor or Guide award seeking to log time under supervision.

Boats and equipment

Adelaide Canoe Club gained an Active Club grant to purchase two Prijon Junior Seayak kayaks and their associated equipment. Canoe SA has purchased two similar craft. A junior Voyager sea kayak has been built and several other kayaks suitable for use by young paddlers are available.


There is a general briefing paper (340KB PDF), and each trip has its own briefing notes. Both need to be read before coming on a trip.

A completed consent form must be brought to each event (356KB PDF).

The Paddle Oz program will have its own recording system. In the meantime, here is a ‘print your own’ log book (147KB PDF).

Possible trips

Trips are planned to last about two hours and, especially for Barker Inlet trips, for days of minimal tidal movement. Forecast weather conditions will determine whether or not a trip goes ahead.

Jock’s Creek

Explore one of the creeks off Angas Inlet. Meet mangroves, seabirds, and perhaps dolphins, and search for the remains of the Kadina. Learn about channel marks and marine traffic rules. Launch from Garden Island boat ramp. Briefing notes (311KB PDF).


Explore a hidden creek off North Arm and look at plants that can be used as vegetables. Launch from Garden Island boat ramp. Briefing notes (290KB PDF).

Swan Alley

Navigate to Swan Alley Creek using chart and compass. Explore some of the creek, the old embankment and its channel. Launch from Garden Island boat ramp. Briefing notes (311KB PDF).

Wood and Iron

Inspect Santiago, an early iron ship, the oldest in the Ships’ Graveyard and the last to be abandoned there. Look also at the remains of the Dorothy H Sterling, a wooden sailing vessel. Launch from Garden Island boat ramp. Briefing notes (315KB PDF).


Broad Creek was once the place for unloading explosives: safely away from the rest of the port. Look at the remains of the wharf, a hulk used for storage, and the remains of the Dorothy S. Launch from Garden Island boat ramp. Briefing notes (295KB PDF).

The inner harbour

See heritage vessels: Archie BadenochYeltaFailieOne and AllCity of Adelaide, and the tug fleet, as well as the opening bridges and Hart’s Mill. Launch from Cruikshank’s Beach, Birkenhead. (Note: No facilities available. Tides don’t matter so much for this trip.) Briefing notes (266KB PDF).


Visit (not too closely) some of the residents of Outer Harbor’s northern breakwater. Spend a few minutes in the open sea. Depending on traffic, watch some of the workings of a seaport. Launch from Outer Harbor boat ramp. (Note: No facilities available) Briefing notes (266KB PDF).

Go west

Paddle due west into the gulf (but not beyond 2 nautical miles), fix position with compass bearings, and return. Includes a visit to the SA Sea Rescue Squadron Operations Centre. Launch from Adelaide Shores marina, West Beach. (Competence with spraydeck and rescues required. Tides don’t matter so much for this trip but wind and sea state do.) Briefing notes (230KB PDF).

Ships’ Graveyard

Inspect the remains of some of South Australia’s early shipping. Paddle between the sternpost and rudder of Glaucus. Launch from Snowden Beach.


Whether a trip goes ahead as planned, if at all, will depend on the weather forecast for the day. In Barker Inlet and Outer Harbor trips will be timed to suit tides, and mornings will be preferred, to avoid the summer sea breezes.


Contact Peter on 0419 823 738 for details and registration.

Adelaide Canoe Club

Adelaide Canoe Club is the main recreational canoeing and kayaking club in SA and is a member club of Canoe SA. Some of its members play Canoe Polo, a couple are into Sprint and Marathon racing, many paddle on the sea and various rivers, but most just paddle for fun.

For more about the club, see our Facebook page  and website

About Barker Inlet

Here’s a commentary on the Torrens Island and Environment map.