Adelaide Canoe Club Holiday Program (10-14yr olds)

Adelaide Canoe Club is planning a holiday kayaking program for children aged 10 to 14 during the week of Monday 16 to Friday 20 April.

The program has three aims:

– develop kayaking skills and water confidence

– encourage and develop a closer connection with the natural environment

– gain an appreciation for some of the great outdoor natural environments we have under our noses!

The first four days will be held at Paddle SA headquarters at Bower Road West Lakes, with a trip, probably in the Inner Harbour on the Friday. All boats and equipment will be supplied and activities supervised by Australian Canoeing qualified leaders (all with DCSI clearance).

The cost of $35 is for Paddle SA Junior Introductory membership, which covers insurance and club access for three months.

Numbers are limited to 12, so book now on Eventbrite to secure your place!

Plan for the week:

Each day’s sessions will be from 9 to 11 am.

Beginning: kayaks, paddles and other gear. Games to learn how to go forwards, backwards, turn and stop. What to do if you fall in.

Some more games: how to go sideways, more ways of turning, how not to fall in

Improving the strokes, how to rescue each other, a short trip

Experience a range of canoes and kayaks, and the paddling activities they are used for

A short expedition to explore the Inner Harbour and see some of its heritage and working vessels

General briefing notes, consent form  and further information is available here

Another trip in the Explorers series will be held, weather permitting, on Tuesday 24 April, launching at Garden Island

Volunteer leaders
If you have are Flatwater Lifeguard qualification or above and are interested in helping out please contact Ian Brunning (0406 498 232) or Peter Carter.  Or email