Cape Jervis/ Fishery Beach paddle report

Strong winds had prevented a planned Sunday paddle from Cape Jervis, however a window of lighter winds the following Tuesday enabled our small group of four to launch from Fishery Beach.
Tresch, and Rob in single kayaks , whilst Frances and Bernard were in their double kayak.
A steady 12Kt South Easterly enabled us to explore the Naiko Inlet and Blowhole Beach from where we continued Eastward to the Aaron Creek area.
Wind and swell made any thoughts of rock landings too challenging, however on our return, landed with relative ease at the beautiful Naiko Inlet for lunch.
Instead of heading straight back to Fishery’s , we continued beyond, heading towards the Lands End headland prior to Cape Jervis.
Wind strength had now increased to over 16Kts, combining with larger swells and waves made us work hard returning to our landing at Fishery Beach where a manageable  surf was beginning to build.
A beautiful coastline combined with a variety of conditions, made this a very rewarding and enjoyable 20 km paddle.
Looking forward to returning on January 21st!
Bernard Goble