Check out our Events on Eventbrite!


Eventbrite is quickly becoming the Facebook (I hear a groan) of Event promotion.

ACC is testing out the use of  Eventbrite to promote and manage our Events. The advantages of doing so include:

  • easily set up a beautifully presented Event page in a minute or two
  • allows people to buy a ticket online (or register for a free ticket) quickly and easily – no account sign up required
  • all our Events can be viewed in one place
  • allows our Events to be easily promoted by emailing and sharing of the URL (web page link)
  • enables us to sell a trial membership quickly and easily even on the day of the event so that we can ensure everyone paddling is insured – no more “I don’t have any cash on me” excuses as no-one nowadays can say they don’t have some form of card on their person…..can they??
  • easier tracking and management of participants – check on the iphone to see how many tickets (memberships) sold, what type, and who has purchased them
  • Set limits for an Event – avoids people turning up unannounced on the day of a paddle expecting to be allowed to jump in – this common occurrence makes it very hard for a Leader who is supposed to prepare Float Plans, Risk Assessments and paddling ratios well in advance of the day’s paddle

Any downsides to Eventbrite?

  • the participant buying the ticket pays a few dollars on top in fees/commission
  • we have to manually add the participant to the AC database as a new Temporary Member

So – for anyone interested in checking this out – here’s our link: