VHF Radio Course – 27th May – 2 signed up, any more takers?


The local SA volunteer marine rescue organisations encourage anyone heading out on a sea trip to log the details of their trip with them. Start location, destination, number of people, vessel type, estimated arrival type etc etc

This seems like a great no-cost safety resource that we can use for any paddling trips along the coastline.

The preferred method of communication with the Rescue organisations is VHF marine radio. The SA Sea Rescue Squadron hold regular VHF radio training sessions so that you can learn how to use the radios correctly and obtain the necessary licence to use this type of equipment. The course is 1 day (Sat) and costs $130 per person. The exam is taken the same day and there is no expiry date to the Certificate.

Charlie Walker completed the course 2 weeks ago and found it interesting and informative and can no doubt answer any questions about the course.

Forthcoming course dates are below and are also now on the Club calendar:

Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP) 2017 Course Dates:
27th of May
5th of August
11th November

Further info click here http://sasearescue.org.au/marine-radio-operators-vhf-certificate-of-proficiency-mrovcp/