Which BOM weather page to check?

I sometimes see a difference between the BOM Wind charts -v- the BOM Marine Forecast -v- the BOM MetEye chart.
Trying to pick the wind for tomorrow looking at these resources is hard as the wind seems all over the place (I learnt today that the technical term for this is ‘variable’!!) so I rang the local BOM office for help (and very helpful they were too).
The summary is their MetEye chart is the most accurate as it is a combination of computer modelling AND input from the humans (meteorologists) whereas the others are purely derived from computer modelling.
MetEye is updated at the same time as the other forms of BOM weather forecasts – 4 or 5am and 4pm – but can also be updated randomly through the day. The legend on the left of the page will show you when the last update took place.
Search for BOM MetEye and you’ll find it.