Sea Kayak Course


Phil Doddridge (a member of ACC, a Sea Instructor and operator of Adventure Kayaking SA) is conducting an intense Sea Kayaking Course for those wishing open sea qualifications and experience. Also for those who want to get ACAS accreditation.

Full Course $700.00 and includes:
An evening theory session
Two full day workshops
Two evening eskimo rolling sessions
An Overnight Trip
Crossing to Kangaroo Island *
(*KI Crossing is offered to those who reach competence in all aspect of the course.The fee for this trip is not included in the course price)

The Background needed to be a Sea Kayaker  Thursday  May 26 (Free)
Evening information/theory session on a number of highly relevant topics conducted in the comfort of  Adelaide Canoe Works. Topics may include:
Choosing the right kayak-what makes a good sea kayak; fitting out an off the shelf kayak for safety and comfort; weather/safety/navigation basics; Group and Emergency management including communications and essential safety equipment to be carried.

Base (not basic) kayak control skills, group management, tows and rescues at Garden Island.

Rough water skills and safety in the surf zone conducted at Port Elliott.

Kayak Rolling -JUNE 2 & 9  ($90)
Two evening sessions at a local indoor pool to take you through from being a swimmer-always exiting your kayak when capsized, to rolling confidence. This is such a “cool” skill to be able to show your friends and save you getting wet and cold when paddling the sea!

Overnight Trip  Wardang Island June 18 & 19 ($380; Food not included)
This is one of the best offshore paddling destinations close to Adelaide. Wardang Island is known to many SCUBA divers and fishermen and a growing number of sea kayakers who make yearly returns to this spectacular location off Pt. Victoria.

Sea Kayak Crossing to Kangaroo Island  June 25 & 26
(Single day/overnight $140/$240; food extra)
This is the paddling trip that local sea kayakers dream about. Crossing Backstairs Passage, a fearsome stretch of exposed water, to Kangaroo Island. A trip that should not be taken lightly…it has claimed lives! It will be offered to course participants who have reached competence in all aspect of the course. The aim will be to paddle over on a Saturday, camp the night at South Australia’s best beach and return the following day. This trip can be done a a one way option by taking the ferry back. The ferry fare is not included in the price.

NB; Dates may be changed due to weather conditions or other issues beyond our control.

For further details and bookings call Phil at Adventure Kayaking SA on 8295 8812