Goulburn River Expedition, Eildon-Seymour, Vic


Goulburn River expedition from Blue Gums to Seymour
28/11/15 – 2/12/15Paddling the Goulburn R, Vic

Ten members of the Adelaide Canoe Club (Wayne Hooper and Libby Robertson in a double canoe, Rob Bowen in a single canoe, Chris Hofmeyer, Charlie Walker, Don McDonald, Anne and Simon Langsford in kayaks and David Mallet and Margaret Stuart on sit on tops) took part in the expedition. It was a challenging trip as the river was flowing quite swiftly and there were lots of strainers and snags. Often the fastest current was in the willows which meant we had to constantly ensure that we had our wits about us to avoid coming to grief.

P1020503Anne and Don did a great job as scouts signalling the best route to avoid mishaps. Charlie, Chris and Simon stayed near the back of the group in case someone got into difficulties as paddling back up stream to undertake a rescue was not possible. Rob found paddling a single canoe in fast moving water a challenge and the longer double canoe with Wayne & Libby on board required teamwork to keep out of trouble. David and Margaret in less manoeuvrable craft did well to avoid a mishap. While on the water the teamwork of the group was critical to a safe trip.

We were blessed with great weather with temperatures in the 20s although we had a couple of cool nights. There was little wind when we were on the water although it was quite gusty in camp on occasions.Goulburn2015Nov 033

The scenery was a highlight and at least ten platypus were seen as well as a koala and a young wombat ventured from its burrow one morning. Corellas and Sulphur Crested Cockies squawked endlessly as we paddled along.

We were able to find suitable sites along the river to pull out for breaks and we found good campsites each night. We got into camp quite early each day and there was an opportunity to relax and socialise before bed. (5 days, 126 kms).

Goulburn2015Nov 028We were inspired to consider a future trip down the Goulburn and so on the day after we finished Wayne & Libby drove from Seymour to Echuca to check out the logistics of paddling the Goulburn to the Murray and feel that it would be a practical undertaking.